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NFC Embedded - Business Cards.

Linkigo is a revolutionary new company that provides NFC business cards for people looking to make a great first impression. As the world's only all-inclusive card, Linkigo gives you the power to instantly transfer data or cause any action on a smartphone. Now you can have the greatest networking, marketing and business tool, all on one streamlined card.

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Meetings into Leads

Next generation digital business cards.

You've probably been to a few business meetings where someone has pulled out a business card and passed it around. It's a pain to have to search through your wallet or purse for your cards, and then you have to worry about whether you're going to lose them or not.
Not only is it a pain to pass out and collect physical business cards, but they're also terrible for the environment. Every year, billions of paper business cards are printed, most of which will end up in the trash can.
Linkigo is the solution. With our digital business cards, you can easily keep track of all your new contacts and follow up with them quickly and easily. Plus, our cards help you save paper and protect the environment.

First impressions never have a second chance.

The most effective way to leave a lasting
impression of your company

You've just met someone new, what's the best way to leave a lasting impression?
Most people will hand over a business card, but that usually gets lost in the shuffle. Or worse, it ends up in the trash.
Linkigo is the solution. With our NFC embedded technology, you can easily exchange contact information and keep your conversation going. Plus, our business cards are made of durable plastic and aluminum so they'll last long after the conversation has ended.

Get your Card today.


Unlimited Sharing

You only need one card to share your contact details be it in face to face or online meetings.

No App!

You don't have to install anything. Linkigo works through the smartphone's Internet Browser.

One Business Profile

Your contact details can be edited at any time. Phone, Address, Social Links, Videos, Presentations.

Great First Impression

Make a great first impression by handing out unique, customized business cards. Stay connected with your clients long after meeting them face to face.

Card Types

Our Smart Cards

NFC Business Card
Plastic PVC Business Cards

White Plastic PVC Business Cards

Our most budget friendly card for contactless networking.

Plastic PVC Business Cards

Black Plastic PVC Business Cards

Our most budget friendly card for contactless networking.

Bamboo Business Card

Sapele Bamboo ECO Business Card

Eco Friendly. With every card sold we plant a tree around the world.

Walnut Bamboo ECO Business Card

Walnut Bamboo ECO Business Card

Eco Friendly. With every card sold we plant a tree around the world.

Metal Business Card

Metal Business Card

Our most exclusive product - premium, innovative, bespoke.

Data Insights

One Card. One Link.
Tons of feautures

With Linkigo, you can shorten URLs, create bio link page & custom QR code - all while tracking the analytics of your visitors. We make it easy for you to see where your traffic is coming from and which campaigns are driving the most conversions.


Customers Reviews

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Jane W.

LinkiGo has helped me establish my digital footprint and tell a consistent story. It also helps eliminate the waste associated with traditional hardcopy business cards, which can be expensive for small businesses like myself who don't have large advertising budgets or teams of people working full time on their marketing efforts!


Ralph P.

The world is turning more digital every day, but many organizations are still using old paper-based methods to maintain their information. Linkigo can reduce waste and money by keeping your data up to date so that you're able access it anywhere at any time with just a click!


Laura A.

Thank goodness I found Linkigo! My business cards are always in demand, and now with just one card it saves me from feeling anxious about meeting new people.


Alice B.

I highly recommend! Have been using for a few weeks now and have been to a few events and its just so easy to share your info.

NFC Enabled Cards

Stop wasting time with outdated methods

All cards and accessories are fully customizable. Because we produce in-house,
we offer the best quality and turnaround times.